HR Consulting & Services

Best-Practices Based Help from HR Experts

Avesta’s team of professional HR experts, certified Background Screening professionals and software developers can help you build and customize an effective hiring process and retention strategy.

Companies seeking to hire and retain high-performers in traditionally high-turnover industries often employ innovative processes to streamline hiring and improve retention. Avesta can provide you with best practices from similar companies facing comparable challenges, assisting you with everything from an effective online job openings advertising strategy and full service recruiting to ongoing employee surveys and techniques designed to improve employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.

Our Programs

HR Consulting

Avesta provides more than great software, we can also provides best-practices based consulting. Get advice from our HR experts covering:

  • Recruitment, Screening, and Retention Strategies
  • Policies, Procedures and Compliance
  • Workforce Development

Employee Engagement

We are experts in building employee engagement, we provide employee surveys to collect relevant and actionable feedback from your employees. We focus on questions to measure your employees’ level of engagement. Our I-O Psychology consultants can help you create change by educating your executive team.

Workforce Development

Our organizational climate surveys help you understand where to begin with regard to workforce development. We can provide insight into how your employees feel about their jobs, their coworkers and the overall organization.


Avesta provides outsourced recruitment with an on-going focus on hard-to-fill jobs. We can help you source candidates, conduct online video-based interviews, complete Offer Letters and assist/manage post offer process.

Substantially improve your recruitment and hiring functionality. Let’s start by walking you through the process.

We will follow-up with you within one business day to schedule a product demonstration and a discussion about your specific business needs.