Built for Flexiblity from the Ground Up

We understand that no company is the same. AssociateCare’s flexible modeling capabilities allow you to be in charge of your workforce management design process. If you believe that workforce management should be an easy, seamless and continuously evolving process, you will appreciate AssociateCare.

Completely configureable to adhere to your specific onboarding and workforce management concepts, AssociateCare is customized to enable only the features you want to use and matching them to your needs or best practices. It also provides the ability for you to directly change processes and forms as your needs change.

Configurable Data Security Hierarchy

The configurable and assignable security features in AssociateCare allow users at any role or level to view, edit, manage forms, conduct performance reviews or run reports. Security configurations allow you to restrict the data that is viewed or shared by users, granting access through customized hierarchies.

Job-Specific Goals and Objectives

AssociateCare creates job specific goals and objectives, enabling you to align employee roles within the team. For example, you can create simple goals to attain a practical strategy for achieving tasks. You can assign priorities that keep employees focused. You can track and measure progress to provide feedback, which keeps employees engaged.